Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster!

When a disaster occurs, your insurance carrier has adjusters, civil and structural forensic engineers, forensic accountants, builders, claims managers and supervisors, all representing their interests. Who do you have representing yours?

Insurance companies continuously train their adjusters to secure their interest. Public Adjusters exist to ensure that these highly trained insurance adjusters are working in accordance to the policy, State Regulation and the loss damage at hand; always to the benefit of (you) the policyholder.

The success of your insurance claim begins with an understanding of your insurance policy and its terms and conditions. What does your insurance policy cover? What doesn't it cover? What are your limits? Do you have special limits? What terms are open to interpretation? What terms might the insurance company be willing to waive? What conditions of the policy do you have to follow in order to protect your rights to your claim? What are your rights and how do you assert them? Our Staff of Experts have the knowledge and know how to get your claim settled.

Property insurance claims are complicated and learning the process during your claim can be detrimental to you.  As the policyholder, you must prove your claim in order to get compensated for your loss. Inadequate understanding of what you are entitled to according to your policy can ultimately affect the outcome of your settlement. NESPO's adjusting expertise derives from a combined 40+ years of Insurance Company adjusting experience. We will evaluate your claim and insurance policy to make sure that everything that you are entitled to under it is considered and fought for.

Smoke Damage

Even a small fire (or Exposure to one) can cause significant smoke damage to your home or business.

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Tornado Damage

Hurricane and Tornados at times can be devastating and catastrophic.

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Fire Damage

Following the unfortunate event of a fire, try to locate your identification, insurance information,...

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Lightning Damage

Lightning can strike at any time. Lightning damages are covered under most policies.

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